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The Get Fit Program is geared towards beginning runners or runners who have taken time off from running and want to get back in shape. This program will build each week, and each week you will complete a longer distance.


Hello Fellow Runners/Walkers, My name is Lisa and I’ve been a runner since the 4th Grade competing for all the way from Sprints, to jumps, to throws, and even the Heptathlon! In college, I became very sick and eventually lost my ability to run. After 5 years of medical trial and errors and learning how to run again, my first event was a Half Marathon! Today I run with 2 types of Arthritis and battle other medical issues along the way. But with that being said, I still Get Up, Lace Up, and Am Active! I’d love to see you out there too! If I can, you can!! Anything is Possible if you are willing to try. So keep trying, and I’ll see you all at the finish line!!!

Target Races

November 10th – Vets Day 5K

10K Naga-Waukee Park, Hartland

What's Included?

✓ Training Peaks training plan for 5k or 10k

✓ Free, Coach run clinics

✓ Planned group activities and Coaching

✓ Private Facebook page

✓ 15% Store discount

✓ Custom Endurance House team T-shirt

✓ Team discounts with preferred vendors and services

✓ Free clinics


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(262) 646-7308

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