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Work with an individual coach of your choice to achieve long-term improvements and success. Endurance House coaches utilize a data-driven training approach to help the individual athlete reach his or her potential. What’s your dream? Kona? Elite license? Finishing your first 70.3? Losing 50 pounds? We want to be part of your journey, and we have the track record to give you confidence in your decision to work with Endurance House!

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Individual athlete coaching is the signature training style of the Endurance House brand. We have been working one-on-one with athletes all over the country to help them achieve their goals for over 5 years. Individual coaching is best for athletes who:

Need a more flexible training schedule

Have aggressive/time-limited goals

Want to move from completing to competing

Prefer/require a more individualized approach

Wish to train for Ironman (or other ultra distance events)

Athletes may request any of the current Endurance House coaching staff as their individual coach, though some coaches may have limited availability due to current athlete load.

Personal Coaching Options


2736 Hillside Dr Delafield, WI53018 (262) 646-7308


(262) 646-7308

Open Hours

Monday - Friday: 10 - 7pm Saturday: 10 - 6pm Sunday: 11 - 5pm