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Personalized Movement Profile

The Right Shoe Fit For You!

The 5 Step Process to Healthy Feet With Endurance House

Step 1: Consult

An Endurance Consultant will discuss your history, activities and goals

Step 2: Move

Next, we'll assess your movement and individual characteristics to help personalize your equipment

Step 3: Learn

We'll fully explain your individual movements, what they mean, and how they relate to your needs

Step 4: Fit

Now, we'll present you with the equipment that best matches your needs and helps prevent injuries

Step 5: Test Drive

Lastly, test drive your personalized options and pick what's right for you!

PMP Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PMP For?

  • Any person that may walk, run or exercise within the next year
  • Any person who suffers from lower extremity pain
  • Participants and competitors looking for equipment and performance improvement

How Much Does PMP Cost?

  • PMP is always FREE. All day, everyday! It's the signature service of Endurance House stores!

Do I Need An Appointment?

  • There is no appointment needed for your Endurance House Personalized Movement Profileā„¢. Stop by Endurance House today to experience our one-of-a-kind technology infused fitting process available only at Endurance House!


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